In the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals group stage, SN Lectra's rival G2 advances to the quarter-finals, and will compete with G2 for the group first.


SN: qinggangying, Prince, sindera, EZ, bud

SN: 清港英, Prince, 思念的人啊, EZ, 不得

G2: Crocodile, Male Gun, Ike, Calista, Senna


In the 4th minute, the two sides fought in chaos on the bottom lane. Although Huanfeng was a bit on the top, SN played one for two and played the Alligator TP to ensure the development of Bin Qinggang.

在第4分钟,双方在底线的争斗中挣扎。尽管欢峰位居榜首,但为了确保Bin Qinggang的成长,SN以一比二的比例打了鳄鱼皮TP。

In the 12th minute, the G2 bottom lane combination and jungler retreated too late in order to push off the tower. They were surrounded by SN. All three were killed. SN also got a dragon.

在第12分钟,G2底线组合和打野者撤出为时已晚,无法将塔推下。他们被SN包围。三人全部被杀。 SN也有一条龙。

In the 16th minute, SN successfully double-teamed the Alligator to kill. SN succeeded in killing the G2 bottom duo in the middle, and then killed Caps Ike in the subsequent bottom lane.

在第16分钟,SN成功地将短吻鳄双队杀死。 SN成功杀死了中间的G2底部二人组,然后在亚博2020最新版网址随后的底部车道中杀死了Caps Ike。

In the 18th minute, Camille wanted to overtake the tower and kill Kalista, Senna was weak in time, the Crocodile TP stayed, G2 counterattacked and killed the two SN, and then took the dragon.


In the 20th minute, Bud stopped Calista under the tower, and then his teammates rushed to kill Calista.


In the 22nd minute, SN played 0 for 5, winning the game in a wave.


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