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   Representative: Confucius


   Classic Quotations: Do you have nothing to do when you are full? Isn't it possible to play chess?




   In "The Analects of Confucius: Yanghuo", Confucius educates his students: "Satisfying all day long, with no intention of doing anything, it is difficult! There are no players? For this, it is wise."


   To put it in the vernacular, you guys, it’s not okay to eat and do nothing all day long. It’s better to bet a vote and play a game than to be idle, isn’t it? This sentence was later used as a "shield" by Liu Xun, Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty. He often indulges hunting and admiring Cifu with a courtier named Wang Bao. The ministers at the time were very controversial. Liu Xun replied, you people should stop talking about it. You must know where the ancient Confucius was better than you. He said that gambling on Go is better than doing nothing. What's more, I play a higher-level cifu, which can teach the Quartet. Maybe birds, beasts and plants can listen to a sentence or two.



Representative of Zeng Guofan


   Representative quotation: I watched another game of Go, I am a villain! I'm really not a human! How do I behave? !

代表语亚博2020最新版网址录:我看了另外一场围棋比赛,我是小人!我真的不是人!我的表现如何? !



   Zeng Guofan has three precepts in his life. In addition to "quitting lie," there are also "quitting Go" and "quitting waterpipe". After painful quitting, Zeng Guofan didn't get his wish until his death with this Go game alone. On the one hand, he is addicted to chess, and on the other hand he swears to quit chess. Zeng Guofan believes that playing Go is "the most laborious", while playing Go is "dizzy" and "absent from work". Love is deep and hate.


In the diary handed down, this kind of ambivalence appeared repeatedly. He even called himself a "little man", "really not a human", and "what a human being". It’s just a person!" "When you enter the game of Go, you are almost trying to punish and punish and commit repeated crimes. It's really not a human!"


   Zeng Guofan died on the fourth day of February in the eleventh year of Tongzhi (1872). The day before his death, he played two games of chess. It can be concluded from the diary that on the morning of his death, Zeng had surrounded two rounds. This is a hardcore chess fan.


  Smelly chess basket: play chess with children exclusively




   Representative deeds: You bear kid, how come you don’t know to let you dad?




   The Three Kingdoms, Wei and Jin Dynasty, was the first peak of Go, and the game of chess was extremely popular in the upper class of society. In Liang Dynasty's "Preface to Chess", there is a record of "famous sages from the Han and Wei dynasties, high grades, prosperous scholars in the Jin and Song dynasties, striving for success", which vividly described the grand occasion of Go activities at that time. Even the big political figures such as Cao Cao and Sun Quan are chess fans. It is like golf in the business world. If you don't know how to play Go, you are embarrassed to say that you are an official.


   It is common in ancient books that someone "chang and Renweiqi" goes, but he may not be superb chess skills, he may be a bad chess basket, such as the famous official of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Dao, the history books record that he played with children are children.


  One time, Director Wang played chess with a young genius Jiang Biao, and the kid insisted on letting them go. Director Wang didn't come to Taiwan, so he didn't agree. But Jiang Biao relentlessly said, "You can't play mine", and he failed miserably. The second time was to play chess with his son Wang Yue. His son wanted to regret the move. Wang became anxious. He hurriedly held his hand and said blushingly, "You bear boy, why don't you let your father?"




  Life is like chess, chess is like life. For thousands of years, the existence of Go is an art, a state, and a spirit. It has already surpassed a simple game of game and has become a medium for the inheritance of traditional Chinese history and culture.


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