Tiger Fighting September 27th Real Madrid captain Ramos accepted an interview with Movistar+ after the game against Betis.

虎扑灭9月27日,皇家马德里队长拉莫斯在与贝蒂斯的比赛之后接受了Movistar +的采访。

"This is football. We played well in the first 15 minutes of the first half and controlled the scene. After that, we scored the first goal. This goal also gave us a lot of confidence. It allowed us to continue our attack and ensure a better line. Move forward. But then Betis started to take advantage. They like to control the ball. Once they are allowed to control the ball and create space, it will be troublesome."


"After the end of the first half, we all hope to reverse the score. At this time, we are more pressing and putting pressure on our opponents. When we have the initiative in the game, everything is a lot easier, and we have been insisting, insisting, and persisting. , We finally reversed the score."


Regarding the team's defense today, Ramos said:


"Today is indeed conceded more goals, ideally the first 15 minutes, then we played more difficult, this game is a lesson for us, we can not reverse every game, it is impossible Every field is like today, with so much space to move and pass the ball. We actually played very well in the last game, but we did have a chance to score and gave our opponent too many opportunities. But today we finally won. This victory is good for us to start the new season."


As for Real Madrid’s frontline issue, Ramos said: “We, as players, do not question our lineup. We are us and whoever is. If there are newcomers, we are welcome. If not, then the current lineup is sufficient. Yes. The season has already started, there is no need to blame others. Regardless of whether there are newcomers to join,


Ramos mentioned the issue of salary cuts and bonuses for Real Madrid players:


Finally, Ramos was asked about several controversial penalties in today’s game, such as Betis’s red card and the final penalty:


"I think I need to watch the replay, because I am far away, and it is not easy to make my judgment on a certain penalty.


Real Madrid midfielder Valverde also accepted an interview with RMTV after the game with Betis.


"In the first victory, Betis was a very difficult opponent, in all aspects. Today we have many opportunities, but unfortunately we did not succeed. The most important thing is the final victory and 3 points. I I feel that today’s most important fighting spirit is that we made mistakes and inattention problems in the first half of the game. However, the coach re-arranged us during the half-time break, and most importantly made us change. We believe Words from the coach."


"We know Real Madrid is possible. There is nothing we can't do. Today we proved this again. The most important thing is that the team wins. My goals are not important. The important thing is that we need to score 3. Points. The goal came from a frontcourt press, passed by Carvajal and Erdgau, and came to Benzema's feet, and then very happy and lucky to score."


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